Original Factory Emsco D-1000 - Rod & Clamp — Piston Rod & Sub, Pony Rod, Extension Rod, Rod Clamp – HNA

SINCE 1997,HNA has been an integrated engineering & manufacturing specialist recognized worldwide for its unique WORLD LEADING HIGH PRESSURENI-CR ALLOY SPRAY SURFACE TREATMENT Technology, as well as HIGH PRESSURE FORGING, INVESTMENT CASTING,WORLD TOP CLASS HEAT TREATMENT, PRECISE MACHINING Technology and high quality products in the O&G industry, by designing and fabricating HNA Piston Rods & Subs, Pony Rods(Intermediate Rods), Extension Rods, Rod Clamps for Duplex, Triplex and Quintuplex pumps, which are 100% interchangeable to most of the global famous brands: Bomco, Honghua, TSC, Weatherford, Ellis Williams, Gardner Denver, Emsco , National, Oilwell, Ideco, Drillmec & other major types of models, and customized design and production available.


* High Pressure Forged piston rod & sub,pony rod (intermediate rod),extension rod

 AISI 5140, 4135(40Cr, 35CrMo)

 (Or customized material)

* World Top Class Heat Treatment & Multi-Spindle CNC Machining ensure highest product quality of rod exceeding API standard requirements

* Strict QC and Inspection Procedures guarantee better performance and longer service life of fluid end parts  

* Chrome Plating surface treatment ensures Abrasion & Corrosion Resistance Performance of the Pony Rod

* HNA UNIQUE Ni-Cr Alloy Spray surface treatment technology ensures better Abrasion & Corrosion Resistance of the Pony Rod than Chrome plating while being environmental friendly

* Optional Tungsten Carbide surface treatment ensures Extra High Performance of Abrasion & Corrosion Resistance of the Pony Rod and leads to extremely long service life

* Rated for drilling operation Pressure maximum 7500 PSI

* Extremely Long Service Life Far Exceeding API Standard

* Fully interchangeable with major pump models and fluid end types,available in all sizes

* Optional bushing for piston rod is available for easy inner diameter size converting and saving general replacing cost    

* Product Series:

HNA-FE-R-T: HNA Piston Rod — Forge, available in all sizes and optional bushing is available for size converting    

HNA-FE-R-TS: HNA Piston Rod Sub — Forge, available in all sizes

HNA-FE-R-PC: HNA Pony Rod(intermediate Rod) — Forge,Chrome Plated, available in all sizes

HNA-FE-R-PN:HNA Pony Rod(intermediate Rod) — Forge,Ni-Cr Alloy Sprayed, available in all sizes

HNA-FE-R-PT: HNA Pony Rod(intermediate Rod) — Forge,Tungsten Carbide, available in all sizes

HNA-FE-R-E: HNA Extension Rod — Forge, available in all sizes

HNA-FE-R-TA : HNA Piston Rod Clamp & Assembly Parts — available in all sizes

Customized  Specific Design & Series of HNA Piston Rod,Piston Rod Sub, Pony Rod, Extension Rod & Rod Clamp – API/Non-API Standard

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