Bonded Piston with Corrosion-Proof Polyurethane – FLex Lip Y

SINCE 1997,HNA has been an integrated engineering & manufacturing specialist recognized worldwide for its unique USA Imported Modified Polyurethane, Precise Machining and Bonding Craft Technology and high quality products in the O&G industry, by designing and fabricating HNA Flex-Lip Bonded Pistons with  Corrosion-Proof Polyurethane for Duplex, Triplex and Quintuplex pumps, which are 100% interchangeable to most of the global famous brands: Bomco, Honghua, TSC, Weatherford, Ellis Williams, Gardner Denver, Emsco , National, Oilwell, Ideco, Drillmec & other major types of models, and customized design and production available.


*  Forged & World Top Class Heat Treated Piston Hub,
AISI 5140/4140/4135 (40Cr/42CrMo/35CrMo)
(Or customized material)
* Flex Lip Type, Single Durometer
* Bonded Piston Type Benefits:
1)Increased structural strength with very high tensile strength for longer operation life,
2)Improved shock absorption and minimized shock when piston moves,
3)Enhanced sealing capabilities and sealing failure prevention via Reduced possibility for fluids to penetrate between the polyurethane insert and the piston hub
* USA Imported Modified Polyurethane with:
Extrusion/Abrasion Resistance: Perfect
High Chemical/Corrosion Resistance: Extremely Perfect
Temperature Resistance: Maximum 220F(105C)
Pressure Resistance: Maximum 5000 Psi
*  LGS Handle Application: Perfect when <10%
*  WBM PPG Application:Perfect for all conditions
*  Liner Application: Zirconia, Metal
*  Misalignment Handle Application: Very Good
*  Drilling Fluid Application:
Perfect for Water Based Mud(WBM),Oil Based Mud(OBM),Synthetic Based Mud(SBM),Emulsion, Clear Water
Very Good for: Salt Water/Sea Water
*  Polyurethane Color: Yellow
*  Shelf Life: Perfect (<24 months, under proper storage condition)
*  Long Service Life Exceeding API Standard
* Chinese High Quality Polyurethane & USA High Performance Polyurethane for Options
* Fully interchangeable with major piston types, Available Size: 3”(75mm) — 8”(200mm),Series A,B,K,L

*  Product Series:

HNA-FE-P-BFYC:HNA Bonded Piston Flex Lip Y Type, with Chinese High Quality Modified Chemical/Corrosion Resistance Polyurethane, Available Size: 3”(75mm) — 8”(200mm),Series A,B,K,L

HNA-FE-P-BFYU: HNA Bonded Piston Flex Lip Y Type, with USA High Performance Modified Chemical/Corrosion Resistance Polyurethane, Available Size: 3”(75mm) — 8”(200mm),Series A,B,K,L

Customized Specific Design & Series of HNA Bonded Piston Assembly Flex Lip Y Type, With/Without Modified Chemical/Corrosion Resistance Polyurethane, API/Non-API Standard